“This is very good copy, John.” Drayton Bird, Legendary Master Marketer…

How to Get Rolls Royce Copy Without Breaking the Bank!

Dear Savvy Business Owner,

No matter how much you plan, there is one simple truth.

If you want your business to grow, you simply cannot settle for “mediocre” marketing.

And don’t think for a minute that “branding” is going to get it done for you.

Very deep pockets anyone? Plus, good luck finding out before you go broke, what your return on investment is.

If you’re like most business owners and you should be, losing money isn’t an option. You need sales and you need them now. There’s a saying amongst smart business owners “the most expensive marketing you can pay for is marketing that doesn’t convert.”

So, if you believe writing compelling copy that persuades your audience, converting them into rabid fans willing to buy from you again and again can be bought from the local thrift store, wake up my friend, good marketing costs, but it also pays for itself.

Isn’t It About Time You Turned Your Marketing Into The Asset It’s Supposed To Be?

Let me explain…

Marketing should be thought of as an investment not a cost.

Imagine you’ve been invited to a high-end function, all the best people are going to be there, would you go bargain basement shopping for the cheapest polyester suit you could find?

Would that work?

Then why do you think cheap and nasty marketing will get you where you want to be.

Or maybe you’ve been fooled by the slick car salesman type read ad agency, who promises to have the whole town talking about you. The only problem is everyone’s laughing and singing, but your pockets are still empty.

You know, they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

While you consider that point, I’ve got some good news for you…

Now There’s A Remarkably Effective Way To Market Your Business And Sell More Products!

Hi, I’m John Emmanuel, your answer to profitable direct marketing. My clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars to write direct mail letters… lead generators… autoresponders… websites… email campaigns… actually anything at all that uses the power of words to sell.

Extensive travel has allowed me to understand the beliefs, feelings and desires that drive us as humans to buy. The things that hold us back and what motivates us to move forward as a race in life and business.

I took what I knew and honed my writing and marketing abilities with direct response copywriting techniques through the American Writers and Artist Inc. (AWAI) and legend John Carlton’s Simple Writing System, enabling me to convey my client’s messages clearly with powerful and effective content!

You’ve probably never heard of me. I’m happy to fly under the radar, delivering winning copy for my clients, while quietly making them some serious dough!

I’ve worked hard, and spent a pile of money, learning from the masters. Because when I write for you, I step into your shoes and speak for you, straight to the emotional center of your target audience. It’s an honor and obligation I take very seriously.

That’s why I’ve made it a point to soak up the marketing wisdom of the likes of Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, and Drayton Bird.

And to study many of the experts like…

  • Gary Bencivenga — Quite simply, the gold standard and “world’s greatest living copywriter.”
  • John Carlton — The “most ripped off copywriter” in the world! Master of powerful adrenaline-fueled copy that generates multi-millions of dollars in sales
  • Gary Halbert — The Prince of Print and direct mail, the wunderkind master copywriter
  • Clayton Makepeace — The highest paid copywriter today
  • Bob Bly — Author of 60 books and top-notch teacher of direct mail copywriting
  • Robert Collier — My secret weapon! His mastery of the written word turned direct mail to an art form, selling out entire book collections
  • Victor Schwab — Master copywriter and author of “How to Write a Good Advertisement”
  • Eugene Schwartz — Unequalled master of persuasion and sales
  • Joe Karbo — A direct marketing legend

And after many years of “back-to-the-wall” marketing and thousands of hours polishing my copy till it gleamed…

I Discovered A Very Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Secret Weapon.

Here’s the thing, to distinguish your product from the competition you need to find what’s unique. You cannot possibly compete if your message is “my stuff does the same as everyone else’s.”

You need a unique hook, a “Big Idea” if you will that captures your customers attention and reel’s them into your message, triggering the action you want.

Knowing how to find the “Big Idea” is the secret. Are you able to find the “Big Idea” that lifts your product above the competition and has buyers falling over themselves to give you cash?

If you can, then you don’t need to be here!

But for those of you that would like bigger profits, here’s something you need to know…

Many people who call themselves copywriters never find the “Big Idea.”


Because it takes a lot of digging, it’s not as much fun as writing, but without it you’re writing blind, talking to no-one, throwing money down the “crapper.”

Here’s the difference. When I write your next marketing piece, you’ll get…

A “Big Idea” So Powerful, You May Have To Hire Extra Help To Deal With The Demand!

My hard-earned insight helps me to understand what a buyer wants to hear from you. Plus, I’ve trained and studied with the absolute masters of persuasion.

This gives me an advantage, I’m able to quickly find the information I need to make your product the only sensible option your customers should buy.

You’ll soon see when I write for you — not only does it immediately whip up an avalanche of profits… your clients quickly change from run of the mill customers — into raving fans who stick with you, telling everyone they meet about you and can’t wait to buy from you again and again!

It’s More Than Saying “Hey, Look At Me, I’ve Got The Greatest Widget Ever.”

And maybe you do!

But as I mentioned before your copy needs to have a special hook… that captures the attention of your target audience instantly.

Ethical copy that builds an enduring value-based relationship that naturally excites your “hungry crowd” so intensely, they leap from their loungers eagerly volunteering to do what you ask.

No missteps… no duds… just powerful emotional bonds that rocket straight to your target for stunning results. It’s like getting the key to your own private vault filled with gold nuggets!

And that’s what you get when I write for you.

But please don’t just take my word for it… see for yourself what a few of my clients have said!

I’ll do everything in my power to make your promotion a success. But before we move forward, there’s something I must confess…

Selling is in my DNA and I’m not afraid to use every legal tactic in my arsenal to make you a ton of money.

Simply stated: I get a rush from seeing my clients prosper.

But you know what amazes me, is when I hear copywriters struggling with the concept of selling. I mean a Salesperson-in-Print who hates to sell! Come on, how does that even make sense!

But if you’re the modest type, and selling leaves you queasy, you don’t have to worry. Because that’s my job and once you see what my ethical sales messages do for your PROFITS, you may find that queasy feeling being replaced by joy.

Why settle for copywriting wannabes when you can have a skilled marketing practitioner! Take the step to change your fortunes from today, it could be the best investment you ever make.

You’ll sleep easier when you have customers rushing to buy and you’re wildly successful.

I’ve written successfully for everything from mainstream and alternative health, accountancy, martial arts, financial education, personal development and self-help, real estate, human resources, life coaching, photography, fundraising, insurance and graphic design!

And if you’re still reading, I know you’re serious about getting winning results for your business. The only thing left for you to do is to take this important first step… I’ll handle the rest.

The Gift That Keeps Giving…

But a word of caution! My services aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for rock-bottom pricing… keep on shopping. There are plenty of self-professed copywriters that’ll work for peanuts.

On the other hand, if you’re the type that values excellence without the drama — and learnt from painful experience that bargains are not always what they seem — you’ll love working with me. Because the shrewd investment you make now will pay you back many times over.

In A Hurry, We Can Get Started Today!

Just send an email to john(at)johnemmanuel(dot)com, or fill out the form on my contact page.

I’ll begin by:

  • Learning everything I can about your business. What unique challenges you face, including your outside competition.
  • Looking through your existing marketing materials, to see what’s working for you and what isn’t, including your website.
  • I’ll get to know your ideal customer inside and out.
  • Want to try a new concept? No problem. I’ll make it easy for you, handling the job from start to finish.
  • Most importantly, I’ll want to understand exactly what your goals are… what you need to have happen with your business.

But please don’t worry we’ll take as much or as little time as needed. I’ll soon understand more about what’s truly important to you — and what drives you. You may feel as if a great weight has been taken off your shoulders.

By the end of our conversation you may well find that you now see your business in a brand-new light.

Finally, I’ll make my recommendations, and tell you what I suggest as your action plan.

Then, once we move forward together, you’ll see how painless it is to start getting results… be it through your website, direct mail, print ad, Facebook ads… whatever you need.

And I’ll make every penny you send out into the market work harder, bringing back the results you desire!

Let me make your decision easier for you with my…

Just let me know if you need any changes or revisions, and I’ll take care of it quicker than a “brown fox jumping over a lazy dog,” at absolutely NO CHARGE to you. Two revisions are included in the fee we’ve agreed to for your project, all you need to do is tell me within 30-days of completion.

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve never left a client unhappy with the copy they’ve received from me, even if there were a few minor adjustments. Most of them are amazed at how well I’ve communicated their message. But if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, not a problem! I will revise your copy at my expense until you’re happy.

But before you fill out the form on my contact page

Take a quick look at what I can do for you.

You’ll soon see why “master marketer/copywriter” Drayton Bird says, “John, this is very good copy.” And Li Vasquez-Noone of Kismet Copywriting says “Your promo flows well and you have a good conversational tone in your writing, your text does an excellent job of convincing me I need this product. Nice job!”

I can’t overstate the importance of your sales letter on your website, or by direct mail, get it wrong and your sales tank. Glance at some of my writing samples. Guaranteed to keep you hanging on!

I’d love to work with you, but only if we’re the right fit. I’m selective about who I work with, and my fees reflect the fact that I only accept one or two new projects a month. Please, let’s not waste each other’s time.

Don’t call me if…

  1. You’d like me to help you sell something illegal or a shoddy product.
  2. You get your kicks sending SPAM emails.
  3. You’re shopping in the dollar store, looking for that polyester suit I mentioned.

My schedule grows tighter by the day and I can only open one or two spots per month. But I love working with entrepreneurs, so I’m always looking to make space. Don’t delay! Because I don’t want you to be upset if I can’t squeeze you into my schedule.

Your partner in wealth-building,

John's Signature



John Emmanuel

P.S. Remember, the sooner you make the decision to use my services for your smart marketing plan, the quicker you’ll start getting the results you’ve been waiting for!

P.P.S. The word is out and as the group SNAP would say “I’ve got the power” to give you the keys to undreamed-of-riches. Savvy business owners who realize it’s not what it “costs” them…it’s what it “makes” them… dominate my time. In fact, my time is routinely filled months in advance. And the escalating demand for my services is reflected in my rates. If “bargain basement prices” are your benchmarks for success, I’m not the one for you.

P.P.P.S. But if you’re looking for a winning solution for your business, and ready to make an investment that will repay itself many times over, I’d suggest you contact me now.

* The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting.

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