4 Steps To Writing Better Emails That Get Opened, Read And The Click

It’s estimated that 294 billion emails are sent on a daily basis with the average person receiving 84 emails per day (Radicati, 2015).

This brings up the problem of your email being seen and opened. As the email writer you need to find a way to make the emails you send stand out in the customer’s inbox.

You can make this easier by having a system that sets your emails up for success before you’ve even written them. Going through an outline of what you want to achieve with your email not only helps you write better emails, but will help you write your emails much quicker.

  • REASON WHY: Why should I open your email?

Every email you send out must give your reader a reason for clicking through to your message. Make your subject line stand out by arousing curiosity or having a big benefit for the reader.

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  • MAKE IT PERSONAL: You talking to me?

This one is simple – remember you’re talking to an individual. Using the technology at our disposal at this time it’s easy to personalize much of our communications.

Write each email as if you are writing to one person, they’ll be better received and give you a lift in response.

Ask yourself some questions:

What age range are the people I’m writing to?

Do they have a group language of their own?

Have they got specific problems related to my product or service that I can address?


While you’re at it don’t forget to inject some of your own personality into your communications. There’s nothing more off putting than receiving an email that reads like it came from a machine.

  • STORY-TELLING: Make it interesting for me then I might read the whole email and look forward to others you send.

If you can paint pleasant pictures in your customers minds they’ll look forward to receiving your emails again and again. Not only will this increase customer engagement, but it will also lift click-throughs, sales and decrease opt-outs.

  • BENEFIT: I know you want to sell your service or product, but please give me something of value.

If there isn’t a benefit for the reader why should they bother reading further or replying. Just like when you are reading through email your customer is thinking, what do I get out of this if I click-through.

Think about what your service or product does for them, what is the strongest benefit they get from using your product or service. This will give them a reason to take the action you want.

Put a system in place that helps you structure and outline your emails before you’ve written them. This will help you to write them faster, make them more engaging, give you a surge in your click-through and increase your sales.

Plus, you’ll have better customer relationships and engagement with less opt-outs.

Write your emails with your personality running through them giving your prospects the chance to get to know, trust and like you, raising your status from annoying pest to trusted advisor.

As with any communication you write, it is best to test, test, test. This is the only way to know what is working best.

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