Meet John

Unremarkable Beginnings

Born in the East End of London, when it wasn’t the greatest place to be. Unemployment was high and racial tension even higher. It was in this setting that John Emmanuel came into the world.

The family lived in rented accommodation on a busy high street. A quiet neighborhood wasn’t an option, but with friends on every corner, the chance to learn and play was always available.

Vast Cultural Experience

But, John was not destined to stay on that busy high street. Before he graduated from High School, his family had moved more than 5 times. From London in the South to Huddersfield in the North and stops in between, John went to 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and one high school.

John mixed with cultures from all corners of the world. This had a profound influence on the way he communicates with others. He’s found that he has deep insight into the needs and wants of those around him.

Helping Others Recover From Disease And Musculoskeletal Injuries

Since 1986 John has worked as a sports coach (qualified in 12 sports), working with the local government as a sport development officer. He enjoyed teaching the sports that he loved to watch and play to local school children.

John also liked taking part in sporting activities and excelled at sprinting.

When John felt it was time to go to university, it was an easy choice. Through his sprinting career, he noticed the difficulty faced by many athletes who got injured. He chose sport therapy, so he could help athletes in need.

John has over 20 years of specialized experience in the health and alternative health fields.

Working in the National Health Service (UK), he worked on mental health and general wards, helping patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, obesity, COPD, etc., and musculoskeletal injuries.

For over 14 years John used his evenings running his own sports rehab business helping athletes, sports teams and the public stay healthy.

More Than A One Trick Pony

But John also had other interests, an enduring love for property. He bought, rehabbed and sold properties for profit. He decided to keep a few and was a landlord for some time, but travelling miles to deal with blocked toilets and change lightbulbs took its toll and he sold those properties and moved on.

As someone who cares about those with special needs, he volunteered with a special needs charity ‘Dazu’ based in England for over 20 years. He ran their sports activities and holiday programs. Since moving to the Caribbean he now helps by writing their marketing and website content.

John has a thirst for knowledge and once he heard that selling over the internet was a viable option, he was hooked. He has sold and continues to sell physical and digital products in partnership with Amazon and Clickbank.

Trained Marketer And Copywriter

John learned the art of writing copy and content from the best.

He studied courses with American Writers & Artists Inc., the go-to resource for marketers who want to generate more leads and sales.

His career has been largely shaped by professional advisors Michael Masterson, Clayton Makepeace, and Bob Bly.

He continues to pursue excellence in his craft by studying the works of the old masters like Robert Collier, Drayton Bird, David Ogilvy, John Caples, and Eugene Schwartz, as well as continuously studying old and new winning sales packages to see what’s working in copy.

To add more punch to his writing he took the ‘Simple Writing System’ course run by top direct response copywriting superstar John Carlton (the secret weapon of many of the top mailers in North America like Agora, Boardroom Inc, Rodale etc.).

Working, practicing and studying for the last 10 years’ enables him to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively when writing marketing material.

He now feels he’s in a place of authority. He’s able to bridge the gap between the seller and the consumer – using all the skills and experience at his disposal.

He’s focused on the work he does best. Helping businesses do the work that benefits their customers. He helps them engage more customers and succeed with both online and offline customer-focused marketing.

When not writing, John is a family man. He’s either watching movies with his wife and two beautiful kids or engaging in watching or playing sport.

A long-suffering Chicago Bear fan and believer of the San Antonio Spurs ethos. He also believes in seeing and experiencing the world, traveling to places of interest as time and school commitments allow.

But, he hasn’t lost his love for sport therapy; he still works with local football teams and companies, treating and rehabilitating clients from sporting injuries.

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