Lower Back Pain After Sleeping On Your Stomach?

Lower Back PainAs a lower back pain sufferer there’s nothing more frustrating than getting into your favorite sleeping position on your stomach and having to change position because of lower back pain.

But how can you stop this from happening, here’s a tip for getting a better night’s sleep.

For this to work you’ll need two extra pillows.

Take pillow number one and place it under your shins, this helps to take some of the pressure off your lower back.

The real magic happens with pillow numero deux, take the second pillow and place that under your hips – as soon as you do you’ll feel your lower back pain disappear.

Instant relief. Yeah!

To make this work even better try using a smaller pillow for your head, further decreasing the curvature in your spine from your neck to your tailbone.

Using pillows to support your body is quite important to a good night’s sleep.

Give it a try and let me know how it’s going.

If this tip works for you, then maybe you’re ready to stop your lower back pain completely. How you can do this is explained in detail HERE.

Yours in good health,


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