So have you thought about adding video to your email marketing? According to Forrester researchers, a single minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words.

Is this what it really takes to make your own videos?

You’ve paid for the Production Company, actors and props with a budget Universal Studios would be proud of. It took a week to produce and a further 2 weeks of editing. You watched it again and again, making little changes here and there until you were 99.9% sure it was ready to pull in a flood of sales.

All staff members are on stand-by, feverish with anticipation of the life-saving injection of cash that will arrive, securing at least another year of employment.

But as we all know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating…

So you put your baby out for all to see and…


No increased traffic to the site, no email inquiries, I mean not even a phone call. You falter, you doubt yourself, you check the video again, call in trusted advisers (mum was out your brother had to do). You send it to a few hundred of your best customers and the feedback is great, even some sales.

And then it hits you, like a ton of bricks. Why didn’t you think of it before?

Your big AHA moment was staring you in the face all along, use emails to send customers who know and trust you to your video ads. The simplicity of it is easy to miss. Many companies are so focused on acquiring new customers they forget about the customers they already have and the money those customers could be spending with them.

If you don’t believe me, look at the banks, new customers get money or a gift for coming on-board and what do you get as a loyal customer. That’s right ZILCH. NADA.

This is what can happen for your business:

  • Video in email marketing can increase click-through rates by over 96% (Implix, 2010)
  • Subscribers opting out were reduced by 75% thanks to video content in email marketing (Eloqua, 2010)
  • People who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy (Comscore, 2010)
  • Stacks & Stacks customers who view video are 144% more likely to add to cart (Internet Retailer, 2011)
  • saw a 44% increase in conversions after adding product videos (Internet Retailer, 2009)
  • Dell reported a 5% drop in call volumes after introducing support video content (The Australian, 2010)
  • 59% of senior executives prefer to watch a video rather than read lengthy copy (Forbes Insight, 2010)

Creating a video is easy…

The technology is already here, but many think it too expensive or too difficult to do. With all the tools at our fingertips today i.e. mobile phones, tablets etc. You can even get inexpensive recording equipment and microphones. Think under $250. It’s quite simple to produce a video of high enough quality for most businesses.

The length of your videos is a difficult one to answer, but to be safe I would keep it between 1 and 3 minutes unless requiring more explanation because it is highly technical or expensive.

If you’re worried about editing don’t be, most Mac and PC computers come with easy to use editing software, such as IMOVIE for Macs and WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER for PCs. Need help using it, ask your children or grab a local college kid.

If you really want to take a backseat you could use an email marketing platform like GetResponse which allows you to create, upload and place your video into your email without leaving your desk. You could also try Constant Contact, AWeber or Infusionsoft.

What are the best videos to send?

  • A demonstration of your product
  • A testimonial from a client/customer
  • A brief description of your business

I’ve put in a brief description of your company, but remember most of your customers will not give a hoot about you or your company but will quite happily listen to what you can do for them all day.

The power really is in your hands to exploit the powerful potential of email video marketing. Not only can it increase your profits with back end sales, but your video could appear in the top of the Google listings (Marketingweek, 2011); increasing your opportunities for attracting those all important new customers and growing your customer database.