Back pain sufferers – Do you know which shoes are best to wear?

If you find your back pain is worse the longer you’re on your feet, it may be time to look at the shoes you’re wearing.

Whether your back pain is new, been around forever or you’re recovering from surgery, the shock from your feet hitting the ground could be adding to the problem.

Plus, just standing can cause painful feet and put more strain on your back trying to find a comfortable position.

Supportive shoes will allow you to keep moving for longer while helping to minimize the pain from shock traveling from your feet to your back.

A great pair of shoes can also help with your posture. The less your feet hurt the less you will have to move and shuffle trying to find a comfortable position.

Back Pain Relieving Shoes

Try looking for shoes with good cushioning and lots of support.

Tennis shoes are great or a good pair of running shoes. These shoes are made for taking the shock out of your feet when walking on different surfaces.

Makes such as Saucony, Nike, Sketchers, Adidas etc., can help ease your pain. Remember it may be a little hit and miss at the beginning. Give them a try and see which one’s work for you.

Not a lover of trainers give a pair of Easy Spirit shoes a try. These shoes have great styles including sandals and offer wonderful support and cushioning. Finding shoes that look good and are comfortable is not that difficult. Speak to friends, family, see if they have any suggestions that you haven’t thought of.

Your back will thank you.

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Yours in good health


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