I understand that choosing someone to write your content for you is like giving your baby to a child-minder. You want to know that your content writer will give all the care and attention to detail that your project deserves. You want to be assured that you get value for money.

And of course identifying leads is the lifeblood of every health organization.

So, how do you ensure a steady supply of quality leads for your organization? By implementing a comprehensive lead generation strategy – a strategy that includes well written copy, copy focused on the buyer’s needs, and recognition that 80% of all sales occur only after having contacted a given prospect 5 – 12 times (National Sales Executive Association). Professional copywriting is the foundation for such a strategy. Contact me before your next project calling for:

·       Sales letters ·       White papers
·       Email marketing ·       Direct mail campaigns
·       Website copy ·       Case studies
·       Brochures ·       E-books
·       Landing pages ·       Newsletters
·       Slide decks ·       and more…

Shorten your sales cycles by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. I can help – learn more by reading my case studies, and by looking at my samples.