You use Direct Mail? HUH…

Direct mail

So, direct mail is dead, it doesn’t work, it’s a big money dump, right?

Well no, not according to the latest figures. Direct mail is not only alive and well, but it can be very profitable too.

The average American household receives 16 pieces of mail per week, compared to 84 emails per day for each person within the household. So, getting your prospects attention is easier than with digital media.

Surprisingly young adults, 24 years and younger, have the highest response to direct mail. With 92% saying they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions.

Likewise, 73% of consumers say they actually prefer direct mail over other advertising methods. And 56% of customers also find print marketing the most trustworthy type of marketing.

That’s great but…

Is it worth the trouble?

Well here again the results are good. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports a 13 to 1 return on investment when using direct mail, with the added benefit of 40% of consumers trying new businesses after receiving direct mail.

And the news gets even better as some marketers, such as retailers, are seeing dramatically higher responses to their direct mail than they were getting in the 1980s. So even though direct mail is seen as costlier to produce, the returns seem to suggest it is well worth doing.

Personalization is the key

Direct mail is more personal than internet communication. In fact, 70% of Americans agree with this statement. You’ll also find your prospects bond with you much more strongly when you use print media.

This works particularly well because your audience recognize that more effort is needed to customize print media, it gives you a more powerful presence than digital.

To illustrate this, a survey carried out recently of over 1,000 large businesses found that more than 60% of respondents’ campaigns were personalized or segmented. They found this helped to create a closer customer-business relationship.

Mail and the consumer

The truth of the matter is, though many of us think the digital age has wiped out offline communication, people love to sit down and open their mail. The joy of picking up mail from the mailbox, bringing it in and preparing to go through it is almost ritualistic in nature.

And while it’s easy to send email, your prospects would not spend an average of 25 minutes with it as they do with direct mail.

Plus, 48% of people keep direct mail to look at later.

For a surprising return on investment (ROI) and a closer customer-business relationship, maybe it’s time to give direct mail a try.

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